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Received 1,000.000 dollars of investment in his business
Allan met Emil at one of the networking events organized by the Young Business Club. Emil shared the contact of a person who later invested 1,000.000 dollars in Allan's business. As a result, Allan opened his third amusement park, "Mighty Adventure".
Yury found 2 friends with whom he completed the Ironman in Argentina
At a Peer to Peer meeting, Yuri Kruchin met Alexey Gerasimov and Andrey Kisil. They all had a common goal — to complete an Ironman triathlon competition. They trained together, flew to Argentina, and achieved their goal.
Igor opened a joint business with members of the club
After getting acquainted and spending 3 months of productive meetings and networking within the Young Business Club, three of our participants decided to do business together. They purchased a plot of land in order to develop the Pocono Relax House project. Also, their positive partnership experience inspired another project launching, creating a country tourist complex. This new project will offer an excellent opportunity for other participants to join in and bring their own unique contribution to the group.
Enjoy thеsе exclusive member benefits
The team behind YBC has combined the opportunities of networking and also cutting-edge digital-tools for the personal growth of our club members.
We created the opportunity and the environment to achieve your personal and professional goals effectively
Forbes meeting
Meeting on a specific topic with an entrepreneur listed by Forbes. An invited speaker with an innovative business will discuss a specific topic, share insights and their experience, which you can then apply in solving your business challenges.
Meeting duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 50
Number of meetings per month: 2
Peer-2-Peer meetings
In these meetings of closed member groups, in the spirit of confidentiality and acceptance, you are able to find helpful solutions for your personal and professional growth from equally strong business people.

Participants bring to the table very different issues, which are always relevant for the group: a vital buying decision, business competition, a new business idea, a personal family question, etc.

All issues remain confidential within the group
Meeting duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 12
Number of meetings per month: 1
Grand meeting
An event for all club members in the format of live communication with speakers who are top business leaders and who share their success stories, their own experiences and a Q&A to answer any questions of the club members.
Meeting duration: 6 hours
Number of participants: 100+
Frequency: Once per 2 months
Acquaintance dinner
During these monthly meetings you can expand your network by associating with interesting, strong, like-minded people and potentially find business-partners if you wish.
Duration of the meeting: 1,5 hours
Number of participants: 10-15
Number of meetings per month: 1
Business Manager
YBC NYC provides members of the club with personal business managers, who quickly adapt them to the community and resolve all club-related issues, such as:
Your concierge for your business requests
Assistance with requests related to the Club
Solution of business task
Introductions to other members of the club.

Sending inquiries on behalf of members.

Arranging meetings with other members.

Finding the needed trusted contractors.

Adding information to the Mobile app.

Referring useful contacts to members of the club.

Providing updates about the club and its members.


Club of Business Systematization
An invited expert with real business experience shares their knowledge of business management principles and teaches club members how to create an effective business system that will automate and streamline business growth.
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours
Number of participants: 25 people
Meetings per month: 1

YBC Investment Club
This meeting is an opportunity to present your project to potential investors, as well as to learn about the projects of other members and to potentially invest if you are so inclined.
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours
Number of participants: 20 people
Number of meetings per month: 1

An App where you can discover information about each member of the YBC club, news about our clubs, a calendar of events and much more.
Number of participants in YBC App: 708
List of meetings per month in 5 YBC Clubs

Private chat
Closed chat for the effective communication of the Club's members, sharing of experiences, organization of meetings, interaction on a variety of issues and a quick solution to your question or challenge.
Average time to resolve a request — 9 minutes
Average number of requests per day — 23

Constantly growing members-only library with over 100 videos of Young Business Club meetings and the experiences of club members.
Videos from 26 large meetings and 80 videos from thematic meetings
3 training courses: on sales, on business systematization and service building in the company

Informal Gatherings
It's a very special event during which people dearest to members gather together in an entertainment park, golf club or other special venue. Thus, members acquire not only useful connections for business but also establish family friendships. Such a special event brings people closer together as the family day is informal and relaxed. Every member can invite his/her spouse or life partner to the event.
Duration of the meeting: 5 hours
Number of participants: unlimited
Number of meetings per month: 1


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Do I qualify?
Before we can connect you with a member of our team to further discuss YBC, we need to verify that one fits the following criteria, so that you can really benefit from what we have to offer:
You own a business for more than 2 years.
You annual revenue is at least $1 000 000.
You share our values: trust, collaboration, growth
Improve your business and personality
through enriching your social capital