Thursday Is Always a Special Day in My Calendar

And do you know why? Because I meet new people and introduce them to each other — entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business owners, and investors, doing business in New York Area.
Every Thursday I have a get-acquainted session in the Young Business Club of New York.

Every week we arrange a virtual invitation-only event. Not more than ten people are invited to join it each time — entrepreneurs, start-up founders, business owners, and investors, from the Greater New York City Area, mainly from the heart of the city.

The YBC brand ambassadors search hundreds of social media pages, primarily on LinkedIn, communicating with candidates and inviting new guests to join this meeting.

In addition to the guests, we also invite members of YBC, and give everyone an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, introduce their businesses, share their stories, plans and challenges, find and invite new friends for coffee, and share ideas for personal and business development.

Then we create a separate group chat on LinkedIn for all the participants to give everyone a chance to stay connected after the meeting. I want to tell you a bit more about the participants I got to know a little better recently.

Rafik Galyanurov
Co-founder and CSO of GRR Cooling Experts and Baikal Mechanical
Rafik is proud to be one of the first members of the Young Business Club. Together with his brothers, he runs 2 businesses GRR Cooling Experts and Baikal Mechanical focused on manufacturing cooling and heating equipment and its servicing.

He realizes incredible HVAC projects for hospitals and other buildings in New York City. They've also provided emergency upgrades of fan systems in the most prominent hospitals in Manhattan recently.

Now the main strategy of Rafik's companies is to be widespread over the entire USA and to provide their services in all 50 states.

Hector McBean
President/Real Estate Investor at HM Estates LLC
Hector is a real estate investor. He needed almost 6 years to get all the necessary knowledge in this field and now he is fully involved in the real estate business.

Hector thinks that entrepreneurship and working for yourself generates great experiences and really good feelings and emotions.
You connect with clients, communicate with them, and it really generates tremendous business success.
Also, Hector shared with us that for being an investor in real estate, you really don't need to have a lot of money. There are always different options to choose from– you can get a loan from the bank (but it will be more expensive) or go to private creditors and persuade them to believe in your idea.
Julie Sinha Schwenzer
Co-Founder at dog apparel & pet news company The Muttly Crew, LLC
Julie has impressive experience in journalism — she was producing the financial news on one of the TV channels and now she helps her friend with podcasts for those people who want to write a book.

She has already tried her hand at another industry — Julie, together with another friend, founded a dog apparel & pet news company, "The Muttly Crew, LLC".

Also, she created a dog-lovers community that communicates stories about people who have done some good things for dogs and other pets.

Julie tells us that her company continues to grow and develop at a very fast rate.
Damien Jonathan Caldwell
Co-founder and CEO Adjudication Services Group
His company provides services of one specially created platform. With the help of this software, clients can manage their own business, communicate, manage, refer, and so on.

Damien says that having his own business has given gave him a lot of different experiences. For example, the experience of pitching: for 2 years his company wasn't involved in searching for any kind of financial support, but then decided to find investors.

For Damien it meant pitching his product many times for only 3 minute bursts.
Daniel Healey
Co-Founder at Morning Blitz
A Co-founder of Morning Blitz — a sports media startup, Daniel tells us that the main product of the company is creating daily sports news in a brief format.

The main target audience are primarily sports fans but also all people interested in this topic.

Today Morning Blitz has more than 30K subscribers.

This business was the result of Daniel's hobby at university — he was the leader of a sports program at that time.
Rene Serulle
Founder of Insomnyak
Rene Serulle
Founder of Insomnyak
Rene developed himself in two directions. On the one hand — he is the creator of the company called "Insomnyak". The slogan of the company is "we work while you dream".

On an interesting note, this name is ironically connected with Rene's life — since university times he has never had a regular sleeping routine.

Insomnyak specializes in creating software and building applications for helping people to more easily sleep for example. Moreover, the company focuses on machine learning and educational games.

On the other hand, Rene works full-time at the Dow Jones as an Associate Director.

Paula Weiner
Founder & President at Healthy Snacks by the Dozen
Paula runs the company "Healthy Snacks by the Dozen". On their web-site there are 400 different items of food for every taste and diet.

One day Paula just decided to put together a business based on healthy snacks. On the company's web-site one can find various nutritional info. and other interesting items that can help one to make an informed choice.

Apart from her business, Paula also attends screenwriting classes as a hobby.
Jessica Omofezi
Independent Business Owner
Jessica is a business owner at the very beginning of her entrepreneurial path. Before starting her own company, she worked in a web-design company.

Now she runs her own design service company — Jessica works with web-sites, cards, videos, and so on.

Jessica moved to New York around 12 years ago. Her motto in life — keep moving while you are alive. She is also interested in writing a book and thinks that her experience can be helpful for other people. One more idea that catches Jessica's attention — is making a blog about traveling.
Jalen Law
Co-Founder at Buffalo's Own, Inc.
Artist and co-founder of Buffalo's Own Inc. On top of that Jalen is a gallery owner and an educator.

He teaches kids to develop their emotional intelligence using art.

Mostly, he likes to help kids with a difficult past (homelessness, domestic violence, etc) and provide them with resources that can help them to build a better future.

Now Jalen is working on opening a new gallery and searching for the right location.