Is it the right time for virtual business acquaintances now?

Of course it's the right time!

It's fantastic to e-meet and hear incredible business stories about digital multi-media transformations from
Abby Wallach, about investment banking experience and winning big at Fireflies from Joseph Ali, about no-sleep crypto investment funds from Poseidon Ho, about Italian interior design from Poseidon Ho, about Italian interior design from Alice Tedesco, about an app for caregivers from Lucinda Koza, about nursing care services from Lucy Bamberger, about a platform for comparing energy rates from Mark Feygin, about luxury concierge services from Katie Apicella, about a real estate business from Vasyl Kostiuk, and about an eComm platform for sustainable brands from Isabella Montoya Paz

It's also amazing to meet Amy Beaulieu, Elizabeth Entin, Karen Bridbord, Ph.D., Kathryn Grace Zambetti, Katie Brown, Katie Moran, Jessica W. Chen and Joseph Ali at today's Virtual Acquaintance Meeting for New York business owners and entrepreneurs.
YBC NYC. Young Business Club New York City arranges Virtual Acquaintance Meetings for New York business owners to connect them with each other during the pandemic.
Moreover, YBC provides all the contacts during and after the meeting for further interactions among the newly acquainted people.
It's a free-flow invitation-only meeting moderated by an ambassador of the Young Business Club of New York City. Usually, members and leaders of the club also join the meeting to inspire the participants and share their business experience. They have succeeded in creating multi million dollar companies in various business areas. You'll probably never network with such an outstanding group of accomplished and charismatic leaders in one hour in any one place anywhere else but here at YBC NYC.
Here is what some of the newly invited entrepreneurs wrote after various acquaintance meetings:
Alice Tedesco, founder of Macte Studios: "Thank you Denny, and Richard as well, to host this very interesting event. It was very inspiring to hear your stories and the passion, efforts, and strenghth we all share. Thank you everybody, truly happy to connect with you all. Ciao!"
Poseidon Ho, founder of Outliers Fund: "Thank you Denny, Bo, Richard and the rest of YBC NYC team. It's very generous of you to connect us and host this!"
Karen Bridbord, Ph.D., founder of Karen Bridbord & Associates and owner of Founders Foundry: "Hi Denny, thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in yesterday's networking event! It was great to meet you and the group! Looking forward to future time together. Best, Karen"
Katie Moran, CEO and Founder at Thetis & Themis Inclusive Equanimity, LLC (T & TIE): "Hey! I'd enjoy attending another meeting. If you need space for someone else, I respect that. I enjoyed connecting with others from the last one."
We've decided to invite non-members of the club to the online acquaintance meetings every Thursday. Would you like to get acquainted with like-minded NYC entrepreneurs? Want to join the next event? Write to Denny Copy on LinkedIn. Maybe, you'll be invited for the very next Thursday.