Do You Think Building an App in 3 Days Is Pretty Much Impossible?

Fares Ksebati, founder of MySwimPro, Forbes 30 under 30 fellow, will change your mind. Here are the notes from his keynote for the Young Business Club.
Members of New York's Young Business Club meet almost every week featuring a member of the prestigious Forbes list called 30 under 30. Our guests tell us about their path to success in business, share their priceless experience and lessons that can be useful for those who want to grow and strengthen their own businesses. And sometimes we share these wonderful ideas with our readers.

Some weeks ago, we had an exciting session with the energetic and super creative Fares Ksebati — the owner of the MySwimPro App. It is precisely this App that Tim Cook was showing on the main screen during the Apple Watch Keynote a couple of years ago.

With his team, Fares made a journey from absolutely starting from scratch to the realization of the App, which became the leading app associated with Apple Watch. They built an MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) and launched it in 3 days.
During the event, Fares shared his clear step-by-step instructions on how to start an App business in the short term. It sounds like a plan, doesn't it?
1. Find the problem and solve it

Before coming up with the idea of MySwimPro App, Fares conducted various kinds of research and was looking for the concept which would be able to solve a problem that a large number of potential customers might have.

A bit later, he understood that there are thousands of fitness applications in the Apple Store, but none of them were suited for people who like swimming and are seeking professional coaching. This was the brilliant idea that grew into a successful project in a couple of years.
2. Don't wait for too long — start right now
Soon after this direction of business development was found, Fares launched a simple website with limited functionality. The main goal of this platform was to determine whether the swimming App would generate any demand in the market. During the first 2–3 weeks, around 200 people showed an interest in it. That was sign number two, and clearly showed why building this App was worth doing.

In 3 days, the Minimal Valuable Product (MVP) was ready . The first version of MySwimPro was elementary, but it was absolutely enough. As Fares has said: "Your product should not be 100% perfect. As long as you create something valuable, you can put it on the market ". Unless you launch the product in actuality , you won't start studying and adapting.
3. Just two words — be ahead

The first version of MySwimPro was created in 2014 — at a time when there were no such thing as an Apple Watch. But Fares and his team were able to predict that such a gadget would appear one day.

Some years later, when it became clear that the second generation of Apple Watch would be water-resistant, it was then that they decided to act — that it was high time to place an App in the Apple Store and seize the day and this opportunity.
4. Think about the brand and your corporate style

At one of the first trade conferences, Fares and his MySwimPro co-founder decided to wear blue T-shirts with white sport coats. It seems that it was one of the best decisions ever.

Thanks to this original fashion style, which was a bright spot among the casual clothes at the conference, all the people around wanted to get acquainted with the MySwimPro representatives. Back then, they didn't even have an app yet but were attracting everyone's attention.

Now, these blue T-shirts and white coats are a symbol of the company.
5. Don't be afraid. Be bold.

Actually, this was the first thought Fares Ksebati shared with the Young Business Club of New York City that evening, it was simple yet very strong — ACT! If you want to reach something at a high level such as your dream, take action!

Yes, it's quite challenging to impact other people's lives. But if you can do so, why not to try?