Founder of Julia Valler Staffing, a high-end event staffing service, opens up about how she made it in NYC

From dreaming big to becoming a repeat event staffing provider for the Met Gala, Ralph Lauren, Veuve Clicquot, and the like.
Julia Valler at her Midtown Manhattan office
Julia Valler is the President and Chief Creative Officer of Julia Valler Staffing, a high-end event staffing agency based in New York City.

Julia grew up in a family of entrepreneurs - her Mother is an owner of several women's clothing boutiques, and her Father is a transportation company owner. So it comes as no surprise that since a young age she was exhibiting leadership potential and interest in such subjects as management, economics, and entrepreneurship. Turns out, dreaming big was the first step on the path to some head-turning achievements in her future.

After dedicating some time to exploring career options in the corporate world, Julia decided to go back to her entrepreneurial roots and start a business of her own. While in the final stages of completing a BA in Entrepreneurship, together with her then-fiance, now husband, Nick they brainstormed some ideas. Nick, who has a background in managing event teams for luxury catering companies and Michelin restaurants, mentioned the shortage in the niche of high-end, professional, and reliable wait staff for hire in New York City and thus the idea was born.
Julia Valler and Nick Valler
Back in 2013, Ralph Lauren Corporation became their first client. They were launching a coffee shop and the idea was to have a branded vintage coffee truck driving around NYC selling coffee. The challenge they ran into was that event staff typically does not have the necessary permits to work out of food trucks. Coincidentally, Julia and Nick were very experienced in this area, as Nick used to own a food truck business in the past. They were well-versed in permitting regulations and had a database of licensed staff ready to work, so this project was a perfect opportunity for them. They approached it with the level of professionalism and perfectionism the company will soon become known for, and after the successful completion of this campaign, which went on for several months, Julia received a call from a different department within Ralph Lauren. This time the project was to help with the permanent front of house staffing at The Polo Bar by Ralph Lauren. As the saying goes, the rest is history.
Ralph Lauren Corporation became the first client
Midtown Manhattan was chosen as the company's headquarters. The first office was located at 45th St and 5th Ave. But as the team was growing, they had to look for a bigger space and eventually moved to 38th Street and 8th Ave in March 2018.

Looking back at some of the highlights from their 7-year history, Julia recalls a few: the largest number of staff provided for a single event - 200 models for hire for The Guinness World Record event in Prospect Park, the largest number of events staffed in a single day - 28 events on Dec 5, 2019. "The office team will remember that day for a long time", she says. Another accomplishment the team is really proud of is the longevity of their relationships with the clients, many of them are still with Julia Valler Staffing from their first year in business.

Despite being very selective when it comes to building their team of servers for hire, the company boasts an impressive roster of nearly 700 staff, most employed for several years now. The roster consists of two divisions: Catering Staffing NYC (event servers, wedding servers, bartenders for hire, event captains) and Model Staffing NYC (hosts and hostesses, greeters, coat check attendants, promotional models, brand ambassadors).
Julia Valler Hospitality and Promotional Staff
Their client list speaks for itself and includes brands and events such as The Met Gala, Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, The Museum of Modern Art, Chanel, Rolex, Alexander Wang, and many other world-renowned names from sport, fashion, and entertainment industries. Julia reflects that their commitment to consistently providing high levels of excellent service and being a perfectionist from her early days in business are the traits that elevated the company to where it is today. Her near-future plans include further expansion and new offices in Los Angeles and Miami.

In her free time, Julia balances the heavy workload with some quality time with family, she is a mother to a 2-year old daughter, takes piano lessons, and reads business and psychology books. In all aspects of her life, she remains a classic perfectionist guided by her personal motto "Be the best at what you are doing or don't do it at all."